Manhattan windows

Installing some windows on the Upper West Side this week. I call the building ‘The Roosevelt Building’ because FDR the third lives here. Right on Riverside, beautiful! It’s the 4th apartment we’ve installed windows in over an 8 year period. The jamb and trim work will be elaborate, I’ll post more pics later as I do it. We are stripping […]

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A Neat Hatch

This hatch is beautifully simple! It starts with a simple box and a rebated applied door stop. The weather stripping is fitted into the rebate to create a nice seal. Next I’ll nail through the rebate and weather strip in one shot. See! Nailing. Boo-yah!! Too easy. Finally I glue a piece of 1/2″ plywood to 4″ of thermax foam […]

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George Nakashima inspired bathroom cabinet

I just finished the drawers on my bathroom cabinet. The counter is a cherry flitch, I repaired a large split using two handmade maple butterfly splices. The drawers were complicated by the compound angle of the cabinet face. Next step is the cherry drawer faces! Abe.

Custom Shelving

These shelves were designed to house books and items while maintaining the apartment’s contemporary feel.  The client wanted the shelves to appear as though they traveled throughout the apartment, rather than featuring themselves neatly in one plane.  The added third dimension provided by having the cabinets turn against the right-hand wall and sweep away up high presented interesting detail challenges, […]

Replacing Windows while Insulating the Wall Assembly

This video shows our method of installing replacement windows in the new-construction style while increasing the insulation levels in the wall and taking care of a few other technical problems. One benefit of the system is that you can pause for as long as you like between installing the window and insulating/re-siding the walls. This opportunity arises through the installation of […]