A lot of lying-liar-charlatan-moron-spray-foam contractors in and around the NJ shore are claiming that "*Spray Applied Closed Cell Foam Insulation is the ONLY form of insulation material that is approved and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)". This is a lie. FEMA classifies both "Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPUF) or closed-cell plastic foams" as "Acceptable" for floors, walls and ceilings in areas below base flood elevation.

However, the report provides caution about the negative "Impact of Material Combinations". An example from the report: "Vinyl tile with chemical-set adhesives is an acceptable finish flooring material when placed on a concrete structural floor. However, when the same vinyl tile is applied over a plywood structural floor, it is no longer considered acceptable because the vinyl tile must be removed to allow the plywood to dry." The report doesn't specifically mention spray foam over joists below base flood elevation, probably because they weren't aware of the boundless stupidity of NJ's spray-foam contractors, and thought no one would ever do something so stupid. The physics are the same – actually worse because of limited drying potential through the sub-floor and virtually no drying potential through the foam.

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