Nakashima Inspired Bathroom

Princeton Area, New Jersey

This bathroom exists under an eyebrow dormer. Those familiar with the work of furniture maker George Nakashima will recognize that the bathroom is inspired by him. His studio outside New Hope, Pennsylvania, carries the name ‘Conoid’ as do many of his pieces. Conoid derives from the word cone, indicating the usage of the arc. Nakashima’s studio has a broad arc as its center structure, hence the name. Inspired by the studio George continued to apply the name to various pieces, most notably his iconic Conoid Chair.

The arc of the eyebrow dormer in this bathroom is visible at the top of the wall and the ceiling. It certainly makes for interesting detailing, both inside and out, inspiring other curves in the walls and shelving. The cabinet is set at a compound angle to the floor, propping up a cherry flitch countertop, another classic Nakashima technique. The flitch (a cut from the trunk featuring natural wood edges) has a crack in the left side, a desirable feature owing to the application of two hand-cut maple butterfly splices.

The bathroom can be viewed by appointment at Abel’s house! We do the edgiest design work on our own homes. We also strongly recommend a weekend excursion to Nakashima Studios which is now run by George’s daughter, Mira.

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