Much of the traffic on this blog arrives here by searching for information about Accuvent ventilation baffles. We don’t have any commercial interest in Accuvents or the company who makes Accuvent, which is Berger. We use a fair number of Accuvents, but we never – yes never – install them to the manufacturer’s standard. In doing so we always – […]

Duct Performance

Part of the problem with ducts is related to language. In English, the word ‘always’ and the word ‘never’ sound very similar. Pictured here is the attic duct system on a very inefficient and uncomfortable house. How often should you tap multiple supply ducts into the very end of a supply trunk? Probably nalways.

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Holiday Gift Ideas from Tay River

With the holiday season fast approaching, what better way to celebrate than by stringing your attic with flexible duct that’s sort of connected to your bathroom fan and then sort of pointing it to a gable vent! Make this year special! Give the gift of right-sized, properly ducted bathroom ventilation.

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