I love working for people who test things! Here’s a testimonial from last week’s NJ Home Performance with Energy Star job:

Jesse and his crew had the daunting job of air sealing and insulating the attic of our ranch home.  They did great work even though it was in the July heat.  The on again off again heat waves we have been having in NJ worked to my benefit as I was able to get before and after temperature readings of my interior walls when it was 90+ degrees outside.  I wanted to have some actual data and not just subjective “feelings” of a difference.  To give reference of what the starting point was this is a 44 year old ranch with pink fiberglass insulation roughly 3 inches thick, untouched since the builder closed the hatch all those years ago.  My readings were taken 6in up from the floor and 6in down from the ceiling measuring the surface temp of the drywall using a Rosewill RTMT-11001.
Ambient outdoor temp: 90 degrees, roof in full sun for 6 hours with no clouds, interior walls showed an 11 degree difference from the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall, inside of exterior walls showed a 13 degree difference. 
Ambient outdoor temp 92 degrees, roof in full sun for 6 hours with occasional high puffy white clouds, interior walls showed a difference of 2 degrees, inside of exterior walls showed a difference of 3 degrees.
Subjectively my wife and I can feel the difference, on a 90 degree day the window A/C’s can actually maintain a constant 75 degrees in the house, before Jesse and the crew did there thing the A/C would run nonstop as the temperature climbed to 78 degrees.  No doubt this will reflect in the electric bill during the summer months and the heating bill during the winter.  For the comfort alone it is money well spent.”

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