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At Tay River we are committed to perfection. Our expertise covers two key areas of the construction industry – we are skilled builders with incredible attention to detail as well as authorities in home energy efficiency. We are highly technical craftsmen who get immense gratification from every job we undertake.

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The brains behind Tay River

With more than 40 years of experience combined, brothers Jesse and Abel Smith are the creators of Princeton’s premier residential construction company.

Our passion for the building process resonates across our work. Each project we undertake becomes a matter of personal pride and, being siblings, we have an enviable understanding of each other’s style and approach to work. Our qualifications are also first-rate. Jesse and Abel both hold Building Analyst, Envelope and Heating certificates from the Building Performance Institute. Abel also earned diplomas in Architectural Technology and Heritage Carpentry and Restoration.

The earlier we can get involved in a project, the greater the prospect for success. Our expertise enables homeowners to avoid the worst pitfalls of pre-construction and ensures we can choose the best path to generate the finest product.

Jesse and Abel place great importance on being open and honest with clients from the moment of initial contact through completion. Budgeting, product selection and design are paramount concerns, helping to ensure the rebuilding or remodelling of your property is a smooth journey. Our personal investment in your project will instill in you the confidence to know the job will be done properly the first time.

We look forward to working closely with you.