At Tay River, we take a comprehensive approach to our work. We treat your house as a system and work knowing that changing even one thing can affect your entire home. We thoroughly test for the root cause of problems then come up with an appropriate solution to solve it. In many cases, we can utilize proven methods from past experiences, yet we pride ourselves on being innovative and able to implement the most current solutions available in the industry for each property.

Principles/Philosophy to approaching a problem

#1 House as a System

A home is not simply a stand-alone entity, it is a system of interactive and dynamic parts. As a result, when one aspect is replaced or renovated, it can sometimes cause problems or benefits in other areas. Too few contractors understand how the different pieces of a building relate to one another.

At Tay River we will work with you to ensure all the systems in your home work together. This will make your property more energy efficient, comfortable and durable.

#2 Radical Change

As outlined in #1, making a change to one aspect of your home will have an effect in other areas. When a property undergoes radical change, this often enables building designers to eliminate or greatly downsize other systems. For example, if you bolster insulation and air-tightness, you can likely scale back heating and cooling equipment.

This approach to construction is the leading building philosophy, one we take very seriously and and also the way Tay River tackles any project. We will work to make the right changes and modifications so you have a well-working home with lower energy costs and a smaller environmental footprint which lowers energy costs.

#3 Redundancy

A further extension to #1 is that making one home system redundant reduces the building’s overall fragility.

A homeowner could improve their property’s energy efficiency in one of three ways: installing an air-tight ceiling, passively ventilating the roof or controlling the indoor relative humidity. However, doing all three would have the greatest overall benefit. It will ensure the home is as durable as possible thus saving the most in the long run.

#4 Testing

We believe testing and measuring drive innovation across a range of industries, including our own.

Surgeon Atul Gawande used tests and measures to implement important advances in the healthcare system, for example. At Tay River, we believe tests and measures should inform our approach to reducing energy use.

If homeowners are serious about their home, repairs and renovations need to be guided by scientific research.

#5 Science

Tay River’s founders are continually educating themselves and supplanting out-dated practices with the newest, empirically-evaluated methodologies. Jesse is an avid researcher of the latest schools of thought and Abel is a highly-skilled craftsman with the hands-on know-how to implement these best practices.

Often people make adaptations to their home based on the suggestions of friends or neighbors, instead of researching and embracing the best modern philosophies. This can damage a home. Tay River embraces empirical thinking instead and will advise homeowners based on leading scientific evidence.