Mid- to large-scale projects are broken down into four phases. We will work intimately with you every step of the way to best meet your needs.

1. Feasibility Analysis

During the feasibility analysis stage we determine the approximate scope of the project. This includes a preliminary layout and sketches of the proposed work with general specifications. We then provide an approximate budget based upon our previous projects. Finally, we check with municipal officials to determine if any regulations exist which might delay or prevent the work from proceeding.

2. Design and Estimate

Next, we work with you to create a design. Our criteria for successful project design are simple: you should like and understand the design, the project should improve your home and the design should be within your budget. For the largest projects, we may refer you to an architect who we will work alongside. Once the design is complete, we provide a detailed estimate that includes fixed-cost items for all the elements we have been able to specify.

3. Building

Our team will work with you through every step of building construction, right down to helping you select a paint color. We recognize that any renovation is disruptive to the occupants of a home, so we do our very best to make the process as unobtrusive as possible.

4. Follow-up

At the end of the work, we perform a full job review. And, one year after project completion we return and review both the design and construction. Much of our work is referral or repeat customers, and your satisfaction is imperative to our success.