Tay River offers a wide range of services from design, construction and major remodels to handyman work. Our website contains examples of recent projects, both in progress and completed. We aim to provide everything you need to improve, repair or maintain your home. However, in the rare instance we cannot perform the service required we can refer you to the best specialist, be that mechanical, electrical or otherwise.

Energy Efficiency

Tay River conducts energy audits and thermal upgrades. We are an authorized contractor in the NJ Home Performance with Energy Star program, and our methods will help:

  • Decrease environmental impact
  • Improve comfort
  • Improve durability
  • Save money/energy

You’ve doubtless heard of weatherstripping and replacing windows but neither provide a significant return on your investment. Nor do they provide the significant long-term benefits that our methods offer.

We have worked extensively in central New Jersey, from Princeton to Manalapan, and are in our second decade of bringing energy efficiency to single-family homes. Under the current rebate process, your home will undergo an extensive energy audit, which will provide the necessary insight to generate a proposal. We will clearly explain the recommended upgrades and how you and your house will benefit from them.

Your house doesn’t have to look like a space-age bubble to be more energy efficient. In fact, the opposite is true. It is through minimally invasive strategies that we can produce incredible gains in performance.

Our top energy-efficiency work orders include:

  • Air-seal the attic and first-floor rim joist
  • Insulate the attic
  • Insulate walls
  • Seal duct systems in attics
  • Upgrade heating, A/C and water heaters

Each of the work orders above reduce energy consumption with minimal intervention to your living space. Air-sealing protects against costly problems caused by condensation, such as mold and rot, particularly on roof sheathing. It also reduces conditioned air loss. It is a worthy measure that can save you from premature roof replacement and lower your heating bills. Sealing a duct system can improve indoor air quality and relieve comfort issues such as cold rooms. Insulating is a common sense measure that creates comfort and saves money.

Service and upkeep

We also perform service work, and even the smallest of jobs are important to us.