Tay River has a blog! A couple of quick notes on why we’re doing this, and what readers should expect.

What We’ll be Discussing

We’re builders, so our principle goal is to help clients get through the building process. To that end we’ll be focusing a lot on the proper execution of building projects. We’ll try to steer homeowners clear of the worst mistakes common to building projects. Keep in mind that many of the mistakes we poke fun at are ones that we’ve made (a really long time ago of course!) Finally, take everything here with a grain of salt – we’re still learning, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Some other issues that we’ll touch on –

General business lessons. If you’re a building contractor some of our entries will touch on issues that you’ll likely to encounter. Perhaps you’ll gain something by checking in with us. If you’re not a builder, but interested in business, perhaps there will be some general knowledge that you’ll find helpful. I feel that our most hilarious mistakes are behind us, but there may be some entertainment value to reading our entries.

Triathlon. We’re pretty passionate about endurance sports, but the web is already packed with elite triathlete blogs. Furthermore, many of these athletes are faster than we are. We might touch on sports specifically as it affects people with physically demanding jobs. We’ll try to resist putting up the minutiae of every workout, or race we run, but I can’t promise that the occasional entry won’t spiral into self-absorbed garbage – c’mon, it’s a blog!

Advancing Building Knowledge.

There are really two parts to this.

One, we hope to help stem the decline of skilled construction labor by helping educate individual’s who are interested in pursuing a career in the building trades. We occasionally hold employee seminars which are open to those interested. We’ll be posting seminar topics on this blog just in advance of the presentations. If you see something that might interest you – send us an email to discuss location.

Two, we would like to help folks gain some good general knowledge about their home. We’ll be covering often overlooked maintenance issues, home inspections, and tips on home upkeep.
Client Resources. We’ll be posting all of our client resources as we develop and revise them. If you’re a contractor I think you’ll find some of these helpful. If you’re remodeling in or near Princeton, I know you’ll find these helpful! Here it’s worth pointing out that it’s impossible to recreate the magic of Tay River without Tay River.

Thanks for reading!


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