These shelves were designed to house books and items while maintaining the apartment’s contemporary feel.  The client wanted the shelves to appear as though they traveled throughout the apartment, rather than featuring themselves neatly in one plane.  The added third dimension provided by having the cabinets turn against the right-hand wall and sweep away up high presented interesting detail challenges, but accomplished the goal.

 The client preferred a slight industrial look, selecting fir plywood as the main building component. They will be stained with a tinted urethane to provide color while exposing the unique grain.

 Careful placement of the cabinets while working from one side to the other ensured the right reveal against bulkheads and walls.

face frame

The face-frame has a step in the middle, created by plowing out the center third.  At all rail/stile intersections a raised area of face-frame is removed to create continuity in the plow


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