Here’s some stuff we probably should have been offering years ago in conjunction with hot water heater replacement.

These are installed at the hot water supply line as it leaves the tank. Good idea for a few reasons:
  1. We can greatly reduce the potential for scalding people in buildings. Sort of a big deal for making things safe for children and drunks.
  2. By safely increasing the hot water temperature stored in the tank we have the potential to provide a higher quantity of hot water to the occupants of the building. Of course, we increase standby losses to do so, but it is nice to have the option to fall back on.
  3. By increasing the temperature of the water in the tank we also reduce the potential for Legionnaires’ disease.
DLJ makes a great water meter, with the customer service you’ve come to expect from companies in northern NJ. These are installed at the cold water supply to the tank, just after the thermostatic mixing valve above. Great for monitoring household water usage.
We’ll soon be offering these as options on any hot water heater installation.

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