Just received the latest JLC, which is one of my favorite construction magazines. From their article, "Energy-Efficient Modular":

"We didn't really save much money by building modular, because it's the finishes … that tend to drive up costs."

Ahh, the siren song of profitable prefab housing. Here's my thesis. The post WWII housing boom led to incredibly efficient building techniques. These techniques remain the most cost-effective way to construct houses that are too big to fit on a trailer. I've been hearing the same stuff about prefab since I was a teenager (my Dad was a prefab agnostic). Maybe things will be different in the future – cranes could become really cheap, labor really expensive, or we could totally forget the lessons imparted by folks like Larry Haun. But it doesn't look like we're there yet.

JLC Online – Article – Energy-Efficient Modular

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