I recently enrolled in Marc Rosenbaum’s Zero Net Energy Homes class, which is starting on October 1st. Marc’s blog is here. I’m a fan.

As part of the class, I’m designing a zero net energy tiny house on a trailer. Depending on cash flow, Abel and I are hoping to build the house in the fall. If you’d like a small, extremely well-built, net zero house and have some money sitting around you should definitely get in touch with us.

I’ve set up a Trello board called ‘Net Zero House on a Trailer’. The board is public. At present, net zero energy homes are still pretty boutique-ish. We’re hoping that other people who are interested in low-energy housing may be able to learn from following the board. We’ll also be posting elements of the design and pictures as we progress.

One caveat, over the short-term we will focus on driving the building’s energy consumption waaaay down. If we’re short on cash, the solar array will have to wait. So I guess the goal is short-term loan energy, long-term net zero. Ha!


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