Insulated Attic Storage

Storing stuff in unconditioned attics isn’t a great idea. Typically attic storage requires access to the unconditioned space via a big hole – usually attic stairs – which are hard to make air-tight or insulate well. Things that are stored in unconditioned attics don’t fare very well. Attics have really big temperature and humidity swings, which is bad for almost […]

Frameworks for Improving Building Performance

I have two mental models for understanding and improving building performance. The first model I’ll call “Everything is Sort of Bad”. This model says that a building is pretty bad – but not horrible – pretty much everywhere and in most of the building systems (thermal boundary, pressure boundary, ducts, water-resistive barrier, etc). The second model I’ll call “Everything is […]

Replacing Windows while Insulating the Wall Assembly

This video shows our method of installing replacement windows in the new-construction style while increasing the insulation levels in the wall and taking care of a few other technical problems. One benefit of the system is that you can pause for as long as you like between installing the window and insulating/re-siding the walls. This opportunity arises through the installation of […]

NJ Home Performance with Energy Star

Just found this video tutorial regarding New Jersey’s Home Performance program. We’ve been doing quite a bit of NJHPwES work. Enjoy!


Testimonials can demonstrate that at some point someone said something nice about you. Despite my skepticism, I’ll be posting some of the nice things people occasionally say about us. None of the testimonials will be from my mother, who probably doesn’t have much nice to say about Tay River anyway. The most striking aspect of our NJ Home Performance with […]

What the heck is attic air-sealing?

What the heck is attic air-sealing? We get that question a lot. The striking thing about attic air-sealing, is that it’s probably the single most beneficial thing you can do to your house. Per dollar spent, air-sealing will result in the biggest energy savings. It will also improve comfort, by reducing the temperature discrepancies between floors and across rooms. By […]

Testing Accuvent Cathedral Baffles

Here’s a video we made of us testing accuvent cathedral baffles. Pretty fun day, but we’re probably not going totally viral with this one. Nevertheless, building geeks might find it interesting. Prior to the test, I really thought that the baffles would crumble. Not the first time I’ve been wrong. You may notice a little bit of cellulose seepage on […]